The 205

Over three years ago, I made some Resolutions for my unemployed dotage.  My dotage has in fact turned out not be completely unemployed after all, and a delightful proportion of the rest of my time is now taken up with grandmotherly duties (which will only get better since the number of grandchildren has risen by 200% (I hope that’s mathematically accurate?) in the course of 2018. Continue reading

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The Gazebo Rides Again

This was my fourth year of retailing my wares at Mill Road Winter Fair in Cambridge, and it was a very successful day, in spite of not totally desirable weather. (I should not complain of the odd spot of rain, given the tempest we contended against in my first venture, in 2015.) Continue reading

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A Bizarre Story

Thompson Cooper (1837–1904) was the son of Charles Henry Cooper (1808–66), the distinguished Town Clerk of Cambridge, whose historical and biographical works on the city are still a major source of information. From 1842 to 1853 he published four volumes of Annals of Cambridge (volume 5 was completed by his son J.W. Cooper of Trinity Hall, and published ‘with additions and corrections to Volumes I–IV and index to the complete work’ in 1908). Continue reading

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Plant of the Month, November 2018

This is an unlikely pick for the time of year: an aloe which looks as though it ought to be under glass but none the less is thriving (so far, in this unnaturally warm autumn) outdoors, in front of the glass-houses @CUBotanicGarden. Continue reading

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Commuting in Cycle City

Those of my readers old enough to remember the craze for Citizens’ Band Radio in the 1980s will probably know that the ‘call-sign’ (if that’s the right word) for Cambridge was ‘Cycle City’. If you google ‘cycle city’ these days, the first of 18 million-odd websites which pops up is for (if I understand it correctly, M’Lud) a chain of gym clubs where you can cycle on the spot, indoors. Sic transit gloria birotae … Continue reading

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The Scots Welshman

… or possible the Welsh Scot? John Pryse Campbell, first Baron Cawdor of Castlemartin (1755–1821) was a member of the famous Scots clan, but two marriages in different generations to the daughters of Welsh landowners had brought their huge estates into his branch of the family. Continue reading

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The Paston Treasure

Devoted readers (ho ho) will recall that one of the things I was NOT going to do after retirement was to miss exhibitions, or to arrive panting on the last day. Since the retirement has turned out not to be absolute after all, I am still missing things, and nothing (recently) more infuriatingly than the recent show at Norwich (after a time at the Yale Centre for British Art). Continue reading

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