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Memos to Self …

A blissful afternoon in the garden today. Sun! Warmth! Ladybirds! Tulips! Robins! But after five hours of stern effort, I feel the need to set down a few reminders to myself, some of which may possibly be of more general … Continue reading

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A History of Gardening in England

The author of this work, Alicia Amherst, was subject more than most to changes of nomenclature. Her father was William Amhurst Tyssen-Amherst (1835–1909). His father was William George Daniel-Tyssen, but in 1852 both father and son had taken the name … Continue reading

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Plant of the Month: April

As a poet (rather than as an academic), A.E. Housman had the occasional lapse (who does not wince at the immortal lines, ‘The goal stands up, the keeper/Stands up to keep the goal’, in a stanza that Vaughan Williams refused … Continue reading

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Retirement: Four Months In

First thought: who would have thought it? I should have marked the first three months, or quarter-year, in June, but it passed by almost unnoticed. I see from my diary that on 20 June I was recovering from (and writing … Continue reading

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